Policies & Procedures


  • Daily Dog Walking payment is due the last visit of each week (unless otherwise arranged.)
  • Petsitting payment is due upon the first visit.
  • Services are payable by cash or check to Fisher Pet Care.


  • All scheduling requests must be made via email.
  • For last minute requests (less than 12 hours notice), please call or text 410.905.3583.
  • We request a 2 hour window of time in which to complete each visit.


  • Monday through Friday, visits can be cancelled before 9am at no charge.
  • Cancellations made after 9am may be charged.
  • Cancellations can be made by email or by calling or texting 410.905.3583 for last minute cancellations.
  • One week notice is requested for cancellation of service.

Weather Cancellations

Every effort will be made to provide uninterrupted services. Notification of cancellation due to snow (or inclement weather) will be made by 7am. In the case of pet sitting, it is strongly recommended that each client have an emergency contact that would be able to watch pets in the event we are prevented from travel. We are happy to work with your and your contact person in the event of severe weather.

In excessive heat, Fisher Pet Care will use its discretion if it is too hot for rigorous exercise. Visits may be adjusted to suit your pet’s needs.

 Client Responsibilities

  • Please make sure your pet is up to date on all shots, flea & tick treatments.
  • Please disclose any & all pet behavioral issues. Fisher Pet Care cannot provide service for aggressive animals, those with a history of biting or pets whose vaccinations are not current. This is for the safety of both the pet sitter and the other animals we care for.
  • All pets must wear identification tags with a contact number while in our care.
  • All pets scheduled for walks must have an adequate leash & collar. Your pet must be easily controllable while being walked or cared for.
  • In some instances, Fisher Pet Care may request alternate walking tools for your pet (i.e.>harness, shorter or non-retractable leash, etc.) The cost of such items will be the sole responsibility of the client.
  • All areas of the home to which the pet has access must be pet-proofed. This includes any fences/gates/latches/doors or other devices meant to keep the pet inside or contained to an area of the home.
  • Client must ensure Fisher Pet Care’s access to the home and any necessary security system information. In the event that we are not given a working key &/or correct alarm information, the Client will be charged for the visit(s) as well as any necessary additional visits to the home.
  • Please notify Fisher Pet Care if there will be anyone else having access to your home while we are providing service.
  • Fisher Pet Care, its Members, Independent Contractors, Affiliates or Agents will not be responsible for any costs, including but not limited to, fines or penalties charged by home monitoring companies, or state or local governmental or law enforcement agencies resulting from or relating to any false alarm triggered by Fisher Pet Care, its Members, Independent Contractors, Affiliates or Agents. Such costs shall be the sole responsibility of the Client.

Client Appreciation

We hope you will recommend us to your friends, neighbors & colleagues. If someone uses us based upon your referral, Fisher Pet Care would like to thank you with one (1) free visit.

*Fisher Pet Care would like support our clients that host rescued pets or have adopted a pet from a local shelter. Pet Rescue Discounts are handled on a case-by-case basis.